Where is the evolution of new retail? Omni-channel digital upgrade to help

McKinsey's latest "2019 Clothing Retail Industry Trend Report" points out that in 2019, clothing style design and trend replacement are no longer a long process, and brands and merchants need to use technology to speed up the frequency of product line changes. This trend also puts forward higher requirements for order production cycle and shipment volume.


At present, China's textile and apparel industry has made great progress in the 40 years of reform and opening up. However, with the changes in the consumer market, new situations and challenges have also emerged. Problems such as slow brand turnover, long supply cycles, and serious inventory backlogs still affect the high-quality development of the industry. In the new retail era, how to realize the transformation and upgrading of textile and garment enterprises through technological means and drive a new round of economic growth is a direction that enterprises and the industry are exploring together.


In the new round of technological revolution, the apparel industry is rapidly building a new consumer-centered, data-driven industrial ecosystem. In 2018, the national clothing brand Heilan Home took the lead in embarking on the road of omni-channel new retail transformation, accepting an investment of nearly 2.5 billion yuan from Tencent, Heilan Preferred Life Hall Micro Mall, Heilan Home Mini Program, and Heilan Home Micro Mall They have been launched one after another, achieving a perfect leap from offline to online. In addition to offline brands opening up online channels, online brands have also opened offline stores to attract traffic to e-commerce stores. Evely, the leading domestic women's clothing brand, achieved brilliant results during last year's Double Eleven by actively deploying all channels and integrating online and offline resources and logistics.


The smooth progress of the omni-channel digital transformation of leading enterprises is due to the fact that information technology and digital technology run through the entire industry chain process of consumer perception, product creativity, flexible and intelligent manufacturing, as well as management, marketing and services. Eveli chose the large and medium-sized platform system of Shanghai Oudian Cloud Information Technology Co., Ltd., which broke the original problem of online and offline information islands and information islands between stores, and formed the whole channel into a whole. The data and business system will empower terminal commercial operations to a greater extent, and ultimately achieve a new brand layout.


It is understood that Oudian Cloud is currently the leading new retail omni-channel business collaboration solution service provider in China. Its unique SRP large and medium-sized platform product system is people-centered, linking full-link data and business. A management platform that solves the problem of omni-channel and multi-format business collaboration of internal and external social resources within the enterprise.


For textile and apparel companies, Oudian Cloud can effectively connect front-end sales, mid-end management, back-end supply chain, and production systems, thereby breaking down original information barriers and accelerating turnover. It is worth mentioning that Oudian Cloud’s intelligent shopping guide and intelligent inventory system can accumulate a large amount of data in the process of human-computer interaction and predict inventory and out-of-stock rates, which also provides sufficient production for upstream fabric companies. Data support. As EuroCloud CEO Han Jun said, EuroCloud's powerful large and medium-sized platform system can drive the efficient operation of the entire industry chain.